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How to Wear A Hat?

The mother of the bride and groom would normally wear distinctive hats. If you like to mark out their statues in this way, why not suggest a feathered disc or butterfly comb.


As a Bride, consider a sweeping picture hat or chic cocktail hat instead of a veil. Simple flower or feather pieces could enhance a simple dress or soften a traditional look.


With a wide brim, make sure the hat fits precisely and won’t slip down onto your eyebrows. If you have a low forehead, you may not be able to see out from under your hat.


Even with a simple decorated comb, practise with your hairdresser so he knows exactly how many pins will be needed to hold it on your wedding day.


Christmas Weddings

Christmas is a holly and magical time of the year and the perfect chance to have a joyful wedding that can inspire your friends and family to have the time of their lives. Here are some of our favourite Christmas wedding ideas to help you with a memorable and unforgettable nuptial.

Christmas red berry floral crown is the perfect complement for you and your bridesmaids.


Let your coat be your dress; gorgeous cosy winter coat can be the ideal alternative for an outdoor or mountain wedding.

Red and white flowers can make a dramatic decoration at the entrance of a Christmas wedding ceremony.


Incredible dark red roses make a glamorous centrepiece at a winter wedding.

Inspire your guests by serving them a rustic Christmas cake


Wedding Dress Necklines


The bodice is the most important part of the dress that is structured around the rib cage, covers essentially the back and the chest and includes the waist and neckline. A bodice can be in many ways and not only is the part that shapes the body but also draws attention to the face and the entire anatomy of the area including the shoulders, neck and bones of the clavicle.

Different types of neckline:

High neck: Inspired by the traditional Chinese dresses, it is a neckline that extends to the neck.

Recommended for: Brides wishing to lengthen the torso area.

Not recommended for: Thick collars.

Boat Neck:covers the curve of the collarbone almost to the end of the shoulders.

Recommended for: small busted brides as it enhances it.

Not recommended for: Large cups.

Jewel: Similar to a T-shirt, this neckline is situated at the level of the throat.

Recommended for small busted brides or brides with very prominent neck bones.

Not recommended for: Very large cups.

Of the shoulder: characterised by a wide curve that goes from one shoulder to the other.

Recommended for: Well defined chest bones

Not recommended for:  Not very well defined or prominent chests

Sweet heart: This is a low cut that accentuates the natural cleavage. In many cases it is accompanied by a bolero that rises above the line of the neckline covering the torso and neck.

Recommended for: Brides who enjoy an open neckline

Not recommended for: Brides whose weak point is the neckline

U-shaped: Also known as a ballerina neckline, this neckline favors all types of brides

V-neck: This v-shaped cut lengthens the neck and de-emphasizes the neckline.

Recommended for: B or C cups.

Not recommended for: Any cup larger or smaller as it would result either too full or too empty.

Square:  it is a modified square neck line

Recommended for: Brides with full busted brides

Not recommended for: Almost nobody

Halter: This is a neckline with a strap tied at the back of the neck, normally with a low back.

Recommended for: Brides with shoulders to look.

Not recommended for: Brides with very wide or very narrow shoulders.

Strapless: the most common neckline usually straight across or sometimes with a small curve in the center.

Recommended for: Wide or well-formed shoulders.

Not recommended for: drooping shoulders or small breasts (unless you wear a good bra).

Not recommended for: very broad shoulders.



Which Bridal Gown Works Best For You?

Look taller and slimmer: A floor length trumpet gown is the best choice for petite brides; the horizontal lines have a ” telescope effect ” that appears to lengthen the body.


Define your waist: Full skirts with sash nips in the waist gives the illusion of curves at the lower half of the body.


Flaunting your shoulders: Broad shoulders look proportional when balanced by the weight of a dramatic skirt.


Balance your shape: A-line gowns makes a heavy bottom look smaller while the corseted bodice instantly slims the waist


Enhance your bust: Folds in the bodice add to the shape lines and draw the eye upward.

Minimising your bust: Tank dresses with wide straps are ideal for full busted women.

Anne Barge - Langham

I Need a bridal veil, which is the right one?

The veils are completely optional, unless the place of your ceremony or religion forces you to wear one. If you are considering wearing a veil, here are some tips to find the best option:

Choose a veil that is the same color or a lighter shade than your dress. The longer the veil, the more formal it will be. Choose it accordingly. A very long veil will overwhelm a short, fun and flirty dress. Long veils are fine for the ceremony but can be annoying at the banquet. Consider a style that has two layers or take of the veil completely, after having said the “Yes I do”!


What Are The Latest in Bridal Fashion?…

Lace wedding dresses are one of the most romantic options this season.182888434837974027_PxSE0m70_f 

One-shoulder wedding gowns give a much more sophisticated look to the bridal dress.

Flamenco, the passionate Spanish dance has been the inspiration for  the bridal gown designers in their latest collections.

Oscar De la Renta NY SS10 04-06-09

beaded belts can add a touch of glamour to any wedding dress and complete the overall look of the bride.



Princess style ball gowns with tulle skirts and embroidered flower appliqués are best choices for romantic brides.


Wedding Dresses Shapes & Styles



1-A Line: alineAs the name suggests, An A-line dress is fitted at the top and gradually widens towards the hem, giving the impression of the shape of a capital letter A. It is probably one of the most popular bridal cuts in the world, as it favors all body types. If you have a pear-shaped figure, with wide hips and smaller waist, do not hesitate to go for this shape.  








2-Empire: This cut was introduced by Josefina Bonaparte, the wife of Napoleon, who marked an imprint in the style before being taken up years later in the Regency period. One of the features of this cut is that it helps to lengthen the body, so it is not recommended for very tall and skinny girls who want to disimulate those features, this cut is usually accompanied by a square neckline with puffed sleeves or Chinese cuffs.





3-Column: This cut emerged as the fashion evolution of the nineteenth century corse. With a rather geometric shape, the dresses of this cut fit on the waist, from where the fabric extends in vertical panels, generating a light fall that helps to disguise very wide hips and other defects. The waist is very well defined and in general is a cut that admits light fabrics with good fall. It is ideal for girls with few curves.





4- Mermaid: This is a very elegant cut and great favorite of many celebrities. It is tailored to the knees with a short or long train that is  usually a continuation of the skirt and gives a floating look to the dress. This type of cut fits the body like a glove and that’s why it is almost exclusively for brides who want to highlight very thin hips or girls with excellent figure. It is not suitable for brides with large hips, big busted or wide shoulders.






5- Princess: ball gownThis classic cut consists of a tight bodice and a full skirt that that can become quite large and voluminous.The skirt usually features plenty of underskirts and tulle below to keep the shape, so can be quite heavy. It is one of the most popular bridal cuts in the world, as it favors all body types.. If you have a pear-shaped figure with wide hips and tiny waist do not hesitate to consider trying a princess style wedding dress.

How to find the perfect wedding dress to suit your body shape

For any bride, their wedding dress is perhaps the most important part of their wedding day. The dress has to be elegant, sophisticated and utterly unforgettable. So it’s no surprise that choosing the right outfit can be an incredibly stressful experience.

As a colour, white can be tricky to pull off. That’s why choosing a dress that suits your body shape is essential. You need to know how to show off your best bits on your special day. But how does a bride identify what shape their body is? And once armed with this knowledge, how should they dress for the occasion?

Apple Shaped

If you carry your weight around the waist, but are blessed with great legs and/or boobs, you are the owner of an apple shaped body. Fortunately, there are lots of options to get you looking and feeling great on your wedding day.

Look for a dress that draws attention your best features. For bigger bust sizes, a plunging neckline will accentuate the cleavage, whilst lengthening the neck. Choosing a plunging neckline is an even more effective tactic if you decide to go strapless.

An a-line skirt can look great if you’ve got the legs for it, but you should avoid high neck lines, and any boxy jackets.

Pear Shaped

If you’re skinny on top and heavier on the bottom, with a J-Lo bum and larger thighs, you are the proud owner of a pear shaped body. Most women consider this shape undesirable, and the most difficult to dress. However, many men would beg to differ.

As with Apple shaped bodies, v-necks and strapless styles tend to flatter. An empire-style dress that pinches in at the hips before flowing outwards in an A-line shape is a good choice, as long as the skirt isn’t overly long. Examples of things to avoid are; halternecks, straight cut dresses and also gathered or pleated skirts, as you should avoid adding any unneeded excess around the hips.

Hourglass Figure

If your shoulders and hips are roughly the same width, but you benefit from a defined waist, you have the fabled hourglass figure. According to convention, this is often considered the most desirable body shape, and one of the most easy to dress. But it can be very easy to get wrong when choosing a dress.

Choose any type of low, wide or plunging neckline, as this will show off a defined waist well. If you’ve got any wobbly bits your not comfortable having on show, look for a dress that will disguise any insecurities you may have. Don’t waste your curves with a straight cut dress, and an empire style in particular will waste your best features, choose something that nips in at the waist to show off your smallest part.


A rectangular shape is defined by shoulders and hips being roughly the same width, but without much waist definition. There is a surprising amount of scope for different styles with this body shape, as the only real issue is with adding hip definition.

A v-shape leading down to the waist is useful in that it creates the illusion of a smaller waist. A fairly full skirt with a structured bodice can also add extra definition. Empire line styles can work particularly well. Keep necklines wide and use detailing either above or below the waist, not both.

There are some rules that are pretty much set in stone when choosing a flattering dress. But on the whole, these are guidelines, not gospel. It is possible to find a dress that breaks convention and still looks fantastic. But using the above rules of thumb should speed up the process of finding the perfect dress for your big day.