At Farah Novias we like to thank all our real brides who have sent us their beautiful pictures from all over the world and shared with us the most memorable and exciting days of their lives. Congratulations to you all and thank you for your trust and the great experience we had with each one of you.


An elegant wedding in King’s College Cambridge

Alexandra and Mark’s love story began nearly eight years ago in King’s College, Cambridge which with its stunning Chapel and rich university history, felt like a second home to them. They decided that it would be there, that they would tie the knot as their perfect wedding location. They wanted, however to add a special touch to their big day by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that felt like an intimate family gathering.




Alexandra’s fashion-forward wedding dress was an absolute showstopper. Her choice of a Viktor and Rolf short dress, adorned with intricate and delicate floral appliqués, was a bold departure from the traditional bridal gown. To add a touch of regal elegance, she wore a custom-made exclusive Farah Novias cape that flowed behind her as she walked down the Chapel’s long aisle.




Farah Novias


Alexandra’s magnificent cape was inspired by the iconic couture designs of the 1960s. The result was a breathtaking cape that had the elegance of a kimono from the back, while resembling a magnificent bow. Crafted meticulously from luxurious natural silk, the cape showcased the delicate flowers that adorned the dress, creating a harmonious and enchanting look. To complete her bridal look Alexandra wore a matching hand crafted headpiece of the same exquisite flowers that perfectly accessorised her French twist hairdo.


Farah Novias


Farah Novias


Alexandra’s Manolo Blahnik shoes were the perfect complement to her chic and modern look, while a Simone Rocha purse added the final flourish of femininity. It was a stunning reflection of her impeccable taste and love for all things fashion. And to add a touch of something blue, the bride incorporated the iconic Manolos buckle into her ensemble, making it her own unique “something blue.”



Viktor & Rolf Mariage



The couple’s wedding day was an extraordinary affair, with the majestic King’s College Chapel providing a breathtaking backdrop for their ceremony. The Hall, decorated in an exquisite display of white flowers and elegant candelabras, created an enchanting ambiance for their reception. The air was filled with the melodious tunes of live music, a captivating showcase of the remarkable local talent hailing from the charming city of Cambridge.







The magnificent tale of Alexandra y mark is a true testament to the power of destiny and the enchantment of finding a soulmate. Their wedding at the majestic King’s College in Cambridge was a reflection of their individuality and a joyous celebration of their love, surrounded by their beloved family and friends. It was a day brimming with love, laughter, and cherished memories that will forever hold a special place in their hearts.







Viktor@Rolf para Farah Novias


We met on July 4, 2010 on the flight from Barcelona  to San Francisco, We were seated next to each other and didn’t stop talking during the whole flight. From that day my whole life changed and I realised how love at first sight really feels like.

On July 3, 2021, we got engaged in one of the most beautiful places in the world surrounded by family and friends  and finally tied the knot on July 2, 2022 during the most memorable ceremony.






The Venue 

It was an easy decision to hold the ceremony at our own restaurant which I opened with my father, named after my beloved grandmother CATALINA in GAVA Mar. It was a wonderful wedding and an unbelievable day. Natalia from Studio Floral helped us with the most beautiful color palette for the flowers. they really were stunning and complimented the decor perfectly.







My wedding dresses, the best kept secret

Like many brides-to-be at the beginning I was not sure about the style of the wedding dress, however I had a clear idea of the styles that I didn’t like. After looking at many different bridal designers and visiting several ateliers, I felt most comfortable at Farah Novias. 

I knew that my wedding gown has to be perfect . I wasn’t looking for a minimalistic dress and always  believed that a bride should wear something special.  I was looking for a dress that I was going to wear only at my wedding but that I would remember forever.




Farah perfectly understood my needs and requested a specific Viktor&Rolf wedding gown that was traveling on trunk shows. I never felt more special than the moment I first stepped into my wedding dress. It was an iconic moment as I felt instantly that I have found my dream dress. It was clear to me that a pair of Manolo Blahnik would be the perfect match to complement my  beautiful wedding dress. I always dreamed of wearing the iconic blue Manolo for my wedding, a pair of shoes that unlike my wedding dress I can wear after the wedding. 



I loved the idea of a second dress and after the ceremony I changed into a gorgeous short Viktor & Rolf wedding dress and a pair of white Yves Saint Laurent sneakers. I wanted to be able to dance all night without worrying of getting my dress dirty or dragging my long train around .



It was a wonderful wedding and an unbelievable day. Thanks to Farah and her entire team to make me feel so special in my  stunning wedding dress. It made me so happy knowing that my husband loved how I looked in my dress. I had everyone commenting on how wonderful and breathtaking my wedding dress was. 

Photographer: Robin Ramos @Robinramosphotographer 

An Unforgettable Wedding

I always dreamed on getting married to the love of my life wearing the perfect  wedding dress in a beautiful  place. On July 31st my dream was fulfilled by marring the man of my life with the dress I imagined in an amazing setting in Girona and today I can say that it was the most incredible day of my life. 

Like many other couples, it wasn’t easy to get there in a global pandemic. The preparation of the wedding was hard and full of changes and uncertainties, but finally after three date changes we were able to celebrate the love we had shared for years in an unforgettable ceremony. We got engaged in 2018 on the day of our anniversary and from that moment we knew that we wanted to have an intimate wedding with our family and closest friends and that we didn’t want to plan a complicated wedding with too much preparations. If there is one thing to learn from this pandemic, it’s that we need very little to be truly happy.


Farah Novias bride

The Ceremony 

The wedding ceremony took place at Mas Marroch, a 15th-century gothic farmhouse located on the outskirts of Girona, owned by the Roca brothers. We fell in love with this beautiful rustic farmhouse from the first moment that we laid eyes upon it. The wedding celebration continued in the magnificent and elegant garden that surrounds the farmhouse and the floral decorations and live music gave a very romantic touch to the wedding.






The Wedding Venue

The wedding Reception was held in the Agora, a beautiful natural pavilion that all the guests fell in love with. For the dance, which was held where the banquet took place, I changed into a beautiful and comfortable dress that allowed me to move freely and enjoy the moment.





The Wedding Dress

As for my dresses… I discovered Farah’s bridal boutique through Instagram. After months of searching and thinking about how to describe the wedding dress of my dreams, I arrived accompanied by a large group of the most important women in my life. 





At the appointment, I remember Farah asking me about the wedding ceremony and the style of the wedding gown I was looking for, and to my surprise it only took a few minutes to find the dress of my dreams. All of her wedding dresses are perfect, but she captured the idea I wanted very quickly and the first wedding dress she took out was the gown that most defined my personalty. It was one of the most exciting moments in my preparations. We were all excited to see that this was finally the dress I was going to tie the knot in. Farah not only advised me on my two wedding dresses, but on all the bridal accessories I wore and she truly made me feel very special at all times.




A Mid Summer Night’s Dream Wedding of Cristina and Fran

A love story that began in February 2013, Cristina and Fran met at the Pompeu Fabra University studying Business Administration and a few years later they ended up working together in a the same company in Barcelona which led to many beautiful memories.

The Wedding Dress 

Cristina wore a gorgeous off-the-shoulder Oscar de la Renta floral embroidered lace ballgown  .The  dramatic watteau train draping down to the floor, gave an original and spectacular feel to the dress. To complete her look, Cristiana wore a delicate long veil of silk tulle with embroidered lace trim by Homa Bridal and a pair of beautiful ivory shoes by Jimmy Choo. 

The Ceremony

The wedding ceremony took place in Llerona, in the church of “Santa María de Llerona”, which is located in a very scenic environment, with the view of Montseny and Cingles de Bertí mountains. What made it truly special was  the Romanesque, tiny church that dates back to the 900 AD  whose “feeling of intimacy” made it the perfect place for such a special occasion.

The  Wedding Reception 

Shortly after the  romantic church wedding, a warm reception was organised at the Masía “Can Ribas de Montbui”, located in Bigues i Riells. The Pairal Farmhouse has a long-standing family tradition, in which it is committed to highlight the environment and incredible landscapes that surrounds the area. The entrance to the farmhouse has a long corridor of cypresses, which illuminate at nightfall and that makes Can Ribas a very special place. The familiar tower, covered with Buganvilla, and other climbing plants, was the perfect setting for a fairytale wedding that lasted until the early hours of the next morning with close family and friends.  Cristina and Fran provided their guests, the experience of an unforgettable night, complete with emotional speeches , spectacular gifts , soprano songs and breath-taking entertainment… all accompanied with lots of emotional and personal touches. During the ceremony and the reception Cristina and Fran couldn’t help whispering to each other about everything, from the unique wedding they organised together to how excited they were to start their lives together. 

“We will never forget that memorable day, especially since the sensations we lived can never be explained in words.”



A story of Love and The Nature

A beautiful  summer wedding filled with love, laughter and precious details, in a particularly important place for Alba and Carlos. They were surrounded by nature with their loved ones and had the sea as their witness. Alba wore a romantic and minimalistic boho-chic wedding gown designed by Catherine Deane which was filled with exquisite details and fitted perfectly with her personality. It was without the doubt the perfect choice for the style of her wedding. 

Our Beautiful Real Brides

We like to thank all our real brides who have sent us their beautiful pictures from all over the world and shared with us the most memorable and exciting days of their lives.Congratulations to you all and thank you for your trust and the great experience we had with each one of you.

boda_Margalida-Mauricio_DiezBordons1168 copy



A Wedding With All The Charm Of The Past

Sergio and Maria tied the knot in San Zolio in Palencia, a former convent that is now transformed to a small hotel to celebrate real luxury weddings. The small monastery is located near the pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain. A wedding with a very special charm that turned out to be very different.

The Wedding dress:

A 1920s inspired gown designed by Carolina Herrera in silk crepe with sheer Silver and crystal-embroidered neckline

“I wanted a simple and romantic dress that at the same time would be very spectacular”


The Elegant Outdoor Wedding of Louise and Ruairi

Louise and Ruairi celebrated their wedding in a peaceful romantic countryside ceremony at the 18th Century Tankardstown House in the heart of Boyne Valley in Co Meath, near Dublin.



Louise looked amazing in her Carolina Herrera gown “I was bamboozled trying to find something that was classy, elegant, timeless and flattering and all the other things that you’re told a wedding dress should be. I think I lost sight of the fact that it should be something I loved and that excited me rather than it being a safe choice. Finally I saw a dress that I could get excited about and set about tracking it down and I’m so glad I found it in Farah Novias Barcelona. I didn’t settle for something based on what other people would think of it, but found something that my sister described as “exactly the sort of thing I thought you’d pick.” So wait until you find something that speaks to you”.





The grounds of Tankardstown House were a stunning backdrop for the ceremony and the couple added beautiful floral garlands to the chairs, adding color and texture in this way is simple and really effective.





The Glamorous Wedding of Sofia and Phillip

A fairy tale wedding that was organised and held far from their homeland at Villa Pizzo di Cemobbio on lake Campo, Italy. A glamorous wedding full of unforgettable moments.

Details of the dress: “I was looking for a romantic and sophisticated gown and the lace embroidered portrait neckline gown designed by Anne Barge was the perfect choice”.

The bride was wearing a pair of diamond earrings to match her gorgeous diamond wedding band and engagement ring.

A traditional bouquet of fresh roses and white orchids

The arrival of the bride to the wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony by the Di Como Lake Italy

The most unforgettable moment

Una boda de ensueño en Villa Pizzo Cernobbio Italia

A dream wedding at the Villa Pizzo Cernobbio Italy

Our Stylish Real Brides

We like to wish all of our beautiful brides who got married in 2013 a very happy and prosperous New Year. It was amazing to be involved in making their dream wedding dress. Here are some our gorgeous brides who tied the knot last year.