An elegant wedding in King’s College Cambridge

Alexandra and Mark’s love story began nearly eight years ago in King’s College, Cambridge which with its stunning Chapel and rich university history, felt like a second home to them. They decided that it would be there, that they would tie the knot as their perfect wedding location. They wanted, however to add a special touch to their big day by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that felt like an intimate family gathering.




Alexandra’s fashion-forward wedding dress was an absolute showstopper. Her choice of a Viktor and Rolf short dress, adorned with intricate and delicate floral appliqués, was a bold departure from the traditional bridal gown. To add a touch of regal elegance, she wore a custom-made exclusive Farah Novias cape that flowed behind her as she walked down the Chapel’s long aisle.




Farah Novias


Alexandra’s magnificent cape was inspired by the iconic couture designs of the 1960s. The result was a breathtaking cape that had the elegance of a kimono from the back, while resembling a magnificent bow. Crafted meticulously from luxurious natural silk, the cape showcased the delicate flowers that adorned the dress, creating a harmonious and enchanting look. To complete her bridal look Alexandra wore a matching hand crafted headpiece of the same exquisite flowers that perfectly accessorised her French twist hairdo.


Farah Novias


Farah Novias


Alexandra’s Manolo Blahnik shoes were the perfect complement to her chic and modern look, while a Simone Rocha purse added the final flourish of femininity. It was a stunning reflection of her impeccable taste and love for all things fashion. And to add a touch of something blue, the bride incorporated the iconic Manolos buckle into her ensemble, making it her own unique “something blue.”



Viktor & Rolf Mariage



The couple’s wedding day was an extraordinary affair, with the majestic King’s College Chapel providing a breathtaking backdrop for their ceremony. The Hall, decorated in an exquisite display of white flowers and elegant candelabras, created an enchanting ambiance for their reception. The air was filled with the melodious tunes of live music, a captivating showcase of the remarkable local talent hailing from the charming city of Cambridge.







The magnificent tale of Alexandra y mark is a true testament to the power of destiny and the enchantment of finding a soulmate. Their wedding at the majestic King’s College in Cambridge was a reflection of their individuality and a joyous celebration of their love, surrounded by their beloved family and friends. It was a day brimming with love, laughter, and cherished memories that will forever hold a special place in their hearts.