Beautiful Bridesmaids Bouquets

 Complement your bridesmaids with coordinating flowers  that will make a special impression and dazzle up their outfits. The flowers need not to be perfectly matched with your bridal bouquet or flower arrangements as long as a common element unites them together.

All in white

All in White Bridesmaids Bouquet

Adorned with leaves 

Bridesmaids Bouquets Adorned with Leaves

Romance in roses 

Romantic Bridesmaids Bouquets

Tropical style 

Tropical Style Bridesmaids Bouquets

Blue and White, Perfect Wedding Palettes

Add tradition to your wedding by theming up your wedding day with fun, floral and frilly blue items. The dreamy white clouds and powder-blue sky are the perfect palettes for your wedding. Both white and blue have been the love of brides for many centuries.

“ Marry in blue, lover be true” was a popular refrain in the early 1800s. The blue colour also represents innocence. In 1840, Queen Victoria chose to wear white for her marriage to Prince Albert and since then brides have followed on wearing white. The blue and white colour scheme is truly romantic and charmingly fresh.

Look on nature and everyday objects to get ideas for your wedding and use them to theme your own wedding in blue and white.




How To Choose Your Bridal Bouquet?

All eyes will be on you as you arrive at your ceremony, so hold on to your bouquet with confidence and ensure it matches your dress to make a key style statement

1-A neat wired bouquet of miniature roses is the ideal choice for a glamourous Hollywood style or if you are wearing elaborate accessories.


2-Pretty jewelry or sparkling sandals are the perfect match for a gorgeous and luxurious bouquet of orchids echoing the sophisticated effect of precious stones.


3-A bouquet of roses and hyacinths will beautifully enchant the layers of a ruffled silk gown with the petal explosion effect.


4- Creamy arum lilies, with their smooth steams have a sleek modern look and a superb contrast to the exquisite of a traditional lace dress


5- A mixture of exotic roses and peonies are the perfect partners for a vintage gown of silk chiffon or gauzy organza.

w0063_0089 6- Pick a grand bouquet of classic ivory flowers and eucalyptus for a full ball-gown of embroidered silk




Unique Bridal Bouquets

Orchid: Take full advantage of this exotic flower, using full branches of bold colours orchid flowers instead of  only white.


Tulips: Shimmering in color, the tulips draw a lot of attention. They can look great so much if they are all together or as if they are scatered.


Hydrangeas: These big yet delicate flowers are perfect for creating volume. They contrast with vibrant hyacinths for a colourful bouquet.


Roses: Roses are the all time traditional favorites. For something different, choose elegant and sculptural arrangements.