Wedding Dress Necklines


The bodice is the most important part of the dress that is structured around the rib cage, covers essentially the back and the chest and includes the waist and neckline. A bodice can be in many ways and not only is the part that shapes the body but also draws attention to the face and the entire anatomy of the area including the shoulders, neck and bones of the clavicle.

Different types of neckline:

High neck: Inspired by the traditional Chinese dresses, it is a neckline that extends to the neck.

Recommended for: Brides wishing to lengthen the torso area.

Not recommended for: Thick collars.

Boat Neck:covers the curve of the collarbone almost to the end of the shoulders.

Recommended for: small busted brides as it enhances it.

Not recommended for: Large cups.

Jewel: Similar to a T-shirt, this neckline is situated at the level of the throat.

Recommended for small busted brides or brides with very prominent neck bones.

Not recommended for: Very large cups.

Of the shoulder: characterised by a wide curve that goes from one shoulder to the other.

Recommended for: Well defined chest bones

Not recommended for:  Not very well defined or prominent chests

Sweet heart: This is a low cut that accentuates the natural cleavage. In many cases it is accompanied by a bolero that rises above the line of the neckline covering the torso and neck.

Recommended for: Brides who enjoy an open neckline

Not recommended for: Brides whose weak point is the neckline

U-shaped: Also known as a ballerina neckline, this neckline favors all types of brides

V-neck: This v-shaped cut lengthens the neck and de-emphasizes the neckline.

Recommended for: B or C cups.

Not recommended for: Any cup larger or smaller as it would result either too full or too empty.

Square:  it is a modified square neck line

Recommended for: Brides with full busted brides

Not recommended for: Almost nobody

Halter: This is a neckline with a strap tied at the back of the neck, normally with a low back.

Recommended for: Brides with shoulders to look.

Not recommended for: Brides with very wide or very narrow shoulders.

Strapless: the most common neckline usually straight across or sometimes with a small curve in the center.

Recommended for: Wide or well-formed shoulders.

Not recommended for: drooping shoulders or small breasts (unless you wear a good bra).

Not recommended for: very broad shoulders.



Carolina Herrera Spring 2014 Bridal Collection

The Carolina Herrera Spring 2014 bridal collection is about celeberating love with tradition and modernism at the same time. Herrera’s understanding of beauty and attention to details has made the collection so special that can be admired by different brides from romantic to sophesticated. It is just what we expect from the designer- elegant and feminen. Carolina Herrera’s gowns are for the classic bride who wants to look and feel like a princess on her wedding day.

“Bridal is more classic than trendy, but it has seen a gentle evolution: many brides today have realized that less is more – more sophisticated and more elegant. It is the silhouette and fabric that speak in my designs. That’s the way to make each design timeless.” describes Herrera. Lace appliqués, hand painted tulles and rich embroidered satin and silk organzas are the perfect combinations for the upcoming season.

“It’s not about trends, it’s about making the bride look like a star on her wedding day” says Herrera.


Oscar de la Renta Spring 2014 Bridal Collection

Oscar de la Renta is well known for creating timeless, feminine and very lady-like gowns, which is exactly how we describe his Spring 2014 bridal collection.The polished and elegant silhouettes vary from mermaid and trumpet gowns to princes and A-line cuts all made with luxurious fabrics such as organza, lace, silk, tulle and crepe.

If you’re a strapless gown lover you will definitely have many dresses to choose from as well as v-necks and portrait neckline. As a haute couture house where the details are what matters most, Oscar de la Renta fascinates us with a lot of beautiful details and handmade craftsmanship including floral appliqués and silver sequin embroideries which make his bridal collection a work of art and every bride’s dream.

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Carolina Herrera Bridal Fall 2013

Carolina Herrera introduces her Fall 2013 Bridal Collection inspired by the essence of glamour, evoking the spirit of elegance captured by 1940’s Hollywood. The collection features ten new gown silhouettes that highlight the beauty of a feminine silhouette in luxurious fabrics and refined details. Carolina Herrera creates a dramatic collection in new gown shapes both close to the body with plunging low backs and voluminous styles in corded French and re-embroidered lace, rich threadwork embellished by crystals, mother-of-pearl appliqué and organza rosettes.

Each style is an expression of Carolina Herrera’s vision for the modern bride, always glamorous, beautiful and above all else radiating confidence.


What Are The Latest in Bridal Fashion?…

Lace wedding dresses are one of the most romantic options this season.182888434837974027_PxSE0m70_f 

One-shoulder wedding gowns give a much more sophisticated look to the bridal dress.

Flamenco, the passionate Spanish dance has been the inspiration for  the bridal gown designers in their latest collections.

Oscar De la Renta NY SS10 04-06-09

beaded belts can add a touch of glamour to any wedding dress and complete the overall look of the bride.



Princess style ball gowns with tulle skirts and embroidered flower appliqués are best choices for romantic brides.


Oscar de la Renta 2013 Bridal Collection

Each of the gowns in the Oscar de la Renta 2013 bridal collection is a combination of elegance and tradition with attention to details. The spectacular display of unique swing techniques with delicate floral embroidery over lace and organza makes each design a Paris Couture and a timeless work of art. The beautiful mixture of lines and tones of blues throughout the collection highlights the essence of romance and celebration of love with purity.


Carolina Herrera Bridal Spring 2013

Carolina Herrera ‘s 2013 bridal collection was inspired by the photographs of Cecil Beaton “I had just seen the Cecil Beaton exhibit in London and was so taken with it that I wanted to design a collection based on the beauty he portrayed—the blacks, the whites, the fantasy of it all “Explains Herrera.

With the mixture of tradition and sophistication and impeccable attention to details, her bridal collection is the perfect choice for the fashion forwarding bride who looks for something different. From the classic look to a modern and non-conventional bride the collection has something for everyone; including the slinky Pippa Middleton-inspired cowl-neck dress, an adorable short dress and the iconic bridal trousers suit.

Vera Wang Bridal Spring 2013

Vera Wang ‘s Spring 2013 bridal collection titled “Mei Meng” meaning “a beautiful dream” is celebration of love and passion, inspired by the traditional Chinese wedding colour, Vera Wang has designed yet another breath taking collection of ethereal bridal gowns all in luxurious tones of red from crimson to scarlet.

Despite the fact that Ivory and white still seem to be the standard wedding colours, we welcome the new trend of using fashion forward, non-white wedding gowns. The innovative overlays of tulle and organza with fitted corsets and sheer décolletage has made the collection a contemporary and daring work of art. Layers of chiffon and tulle ensure a feminine look, whilst the regularly added embellishments give off glamour reminiscent of a red carpet gown.



Wedding Dresses Shapes & Styles



1-A Line: alineAs the name suggests, An A-line dress is fitted at the top and gradually widens towards the hem, giving the impression of the shape of a capital letter A. It is probably one of the most popular bridal cuts in the world, as it favors all body types. If you have a pear-shaped figure, with wide hips and smaller waist, do not hesitate to go for this shape.  








2-Empire: This cut was introduced by Josefina Bonaparte, the wife of Napoleon, who marked an imprint in the style before being taken up years later in the Regency period. One of the features of this cut is that it helps to lengthen the body, so it is not recommended for very tall and skinny girls who want to disimulate those features, this cut is usually accompanied by a square neckline with puffed sleeves or Chinese cuffs.





3-Column: This cut emerged as the fashion evolution of the nineteenth century corse. With a rather geometric shape, the dresses of this cut fit on the waist, from where the fabric extends in vertical panels, generating a light fall that helps to disguise very wide hips and other defects. The waist is very well defined and in general is a cut that admits light fabrics with good fall. It is ideal for girls with few curves.





4- Mermaid: This is a very elegant cut and great favorite of many celebrities. It is tailored to the knees with a short or long train that is  usually a continuation of the skirt and gives a floating look to the dress. This type of cut fits the body like a glove and that’s why it is almost exclusively for brides who want to highlight very thin hips or girls with excellent figure. It is not suitable for brides with large hips, big busted or wide shoulders.






5- Princess: ball gownThis classic cut consists of a tight bodice and a full skirt that that can become quite large and voluminous.The skirt usually features plenty of underskirts and tulle below to keep the shape, so can be quite heavy. It is one of the most popular bridal cuts in the world, as it favors all body types.. If you have a pear-shaped figure with wide hips and tiny waist do not hesitate to consider trying a princess style wedding dress.