The Universe of Farah…

You  must be very excited to be able to offer Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta dresses for the first time in Spain?

Yes, I am very excited to be able to offer the Spanish bride the bridal collections  designed by two of the most recognised international designers. Carolina Herrera as a woman is a symbol of elegance, glamor and sophistication and her dresses have been worn by many women in the world. Vera Wang is the pionear in designing glamorous and elegant dream wedding dresses. She always combines elements of trends and fashion that are the perfect blend of tradition and beauty, with avant-garde touches.

What are the key elements of your latest bridal collections?

The 2012 bridal collection is presented for sophisticated brides, inspired by romantic styles with touches that accentuate the more feminine side of the bride. There are a lot of flowing and smooth lines, lace embroidery and delicate bows or sashes. Romantic dresses inspired by French gardens with cotton tulles, French lace and hand embroidered organza skirts  that are perfect for the brides who are looking for a modern gown with the traditional elegance.

What is your philosophy and what do you offer the Spanish bride?

I want to offer brides and my clients the opportunity not only to feel perfect in their dress but to enjoy the feeling of being very special when deciding to choose a dress from one of our designers for such an important occasion, and this desire is reflected totally in the warm welcome that awaits them in the store.

At Farah Novias we have an intimate, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. After 25 years working in the bridal world, I have the essential experience to be able to advise the bride in creating her ideal ‘look’, including accessories. We like to give our brides a personalised attention so that they have the opportunity to try our designer bridal gowns at an affordable prices that is attracting customers from all over Spain.

Oscar de la Renta, Icon of Style…

Your passion for art started when you came to Madrid to study painting, what made you move to a country, which at the time was going through many cultural changes? How did you become interested in the world of fashion?

-I went to Spain to become a painter, but to prove to my father that I could earn
money I also took some fashion-illustrator jobs at newspapers. My interest in the
world of design grew more and more, and I was later hired by Balenciaga as an
illustrator and eventually as a designer.

From the beginning you showed great talent and worked with leading fashion designers such as Balenciaga and Antonio Castillo. What did you learn from these legends?

-Working for incredible talents like Balenciaga and Antonia Castillo, I learned about
the extraordinary artistry and immense skill involved in couture collections. Today
I apply some of that same detailing and craftsmanship to my own designs.

You say “the best way to dress is when you are noticed first by your presence
and then by what you wear. Please give us an example?

-The first time you see a bride walking down the aisle. In that moment, it is not
about the veil or the gown – all eyes are on the girl.

You have created your line of jewelry, eyewear, perfume and accessories, and have worked as the couture designer for Balmain. What made you decide to design a prêt-à-porter bridal collection?

-I have been designing and producing wedding gowns for private clients for years. In
fact, the demand was so great that we decided to design and show a complete
collection. The new ready-to-wear bridal line was a way for us to expand and reach
women around the world.

This is your second bridal collection; the first one received an overwhelming
response in the United States and South America. How do you see the Spanish bridal

-We are very excited to bring our bridal collection to Spain. My Latin background
largely influences my designs, which will make the collection easier for Spanish
brides to identify with right from the start. Also, our wonderful selection of
romantic and classic bridal gowns will be perfect for the Spanish bride, whose style
tends to be more traditional and timeless.

How would you define Spanish woman?

-Spanish women are bold and passionate. They are not about minimalism – in life and
with fashion, they are colorful, spirited, and feminine.

How has your Latin blood influenced your designs?

-My Latin heritage has influenced me never to hold back. This innate passion
surfaces in the beautiful embellishments, intricate laces, and ornate embroideries
of my designs. Also, having grown up on the islands of the Dominican Republic, I have come to believe that there must always be an easiness to clothes, even with the most serious and glamorous of gowns.

Has your last bridal collection been inspired by your past collections of
prêt-à-porter evening gowns, and do you intend to reflect that traditional bridal
fashion is evolving into something new?

I approach bridal differently from ready-to-wear, but there are similar threads
running through both collections because I always design with one goal in mind – to
make a woman look her best.

How did you maintain the same classic and elegant look without being influenced by the last avant-garde trends seen in the last collection?

-A bridal gown should be fresh and fashionable, but it is also important for it to
have a sense of timelessness. A wedding is a very special day for a girl, one that
she will look back on forever. Twenty, thirty, even forty years later, she should
still find her gown beautiful and be happy with how she looked on that big day.

What are your rules for creating a feminine and sensual woman?

-The key to making a woman look beautiful is making her feel beautiful. That is when
she will look her best.

You arrived in the United States with a lot of illusions and achieved a great
deal in a short time span. Is there a secret formula for success in life?

-There is no real secret to my success. I love what I’m doing and I work hard at it.
I have spent over forty years learning about our customer and how to make clothes
well. For me, my great joy and pleasure is being at work, and being in my studio
designing a collection.

Most of the people who know you describe you as being very humane. Is this true?
-I hope so. I have always remained true to my Latin roots, whether it’s helping
build much needed schools and day-care centers in my native country, the Dominican
Republic, or serving on the boards of important institutions like the Americas
Society and the Queen Sofía Spanish Institute.

I am also immensely grateful to the United States for all it has given me. As an
active board member of New Yorkers for Children, The Metropolitan Opera, and
Carnegie Hall, I am able to give back and also support the arts, my other true