wedding dresses for beach wedding

Choosing the right wedding dress for a beach wedding involves considering several factors such as the weather, the beach’s environment, and your personal style. For a beach wedding you’ll want a bridal gown that complements the relaxed and breezy atmosphere while still maintaining elegance. Here are some suggestions;


Flowy Silhouettes



Opt for lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, organza, or lightweight lace that flow gracefully in the sea breeze.


Shorter Hemlines



Consider a tea-length or knee-length dress to prevent it from dragging in the sand. This also makes it easier to move around on the beach.


Simple and Elegant



Choose a gown with clean lines and minimal embellishments. Avoid heavy beading or elaborate trains that could weigh you down or get caught in the sand.


Bohemian Style



Embrace a boho-chic look with lace detailing, off-the-shoulder necklines, or delicate floral appliqués.


Breathable Fabrics



Select dresses made from breathable materials to ensure comfort in the warm weather. Avoid heavy satin or velvet.


Strapless or Spaghetti Straps



Opt for strapless or spaghetti strap styles to stay cool and comfortable in the heat. Just make sure the dress fits securely so you’re not adjusting it constantly.


Accessorise Wisely



Consider wearing a sunhat, comfortable sandals, or barefoot sandals instead of traditional heels. You might also want to accessorise with delicate jewellery that won’t overpower the natural beauty of the beach setting.

Remember to consider the practicality of the gown for walking on sand and ensure it’s easy to move in so you can enjoy your special day to the fullest.

Short wedding dresses

Short and sweet wedding dresses are a trendy and practical choice for brides who prefer a less formal, more relaxed, and often more comfortable wedding day look. Here are some popular styles and ideas for short wedding dresses:


A-line short wedding Dress 


Anne Barge Little White Dresss

A classic A-line silhouette with a shorter hemline offers a timeless and elegant look.


Tea-Length  Wedding Dress


Catherine Deane

Tea-length dresses are perfect for a vintage-inspired wedding. They typically end just below the knee, creating a retro vibe.


Sheath short Dress


Catherine Deane Boho dress

A sheath dress can be both chic and sophisticated in a shorter length, allowing for easy movement on your special day.


Fit-and-Flare short Dress


Anne Barge

A fit-and-flare mini dress accentuates your curves and offers a flirty, playful style.


High-Low Dress


A high-low hemline combines the elegance of a longer gown with the practicality of a shorter dress.


Beach or Boho wedding Dresses


Short, flowing, and lightweight dresses are ideal for beach or bohemian-themed weddings. They provide comfort and a carefree style.


Short Lace wedding dress 


Lace is a popular choice for short wedding dresses, as it adds a touch of romance and femininity.


Off-the-shoulder short wedding dress


Anne Barge

Off-the-shoulder or spaghetti strap dresses are perfect for a more sophisticated  and elegant vibe.

Ultimately, the choice of a short and sweet wedding dress is a matter of personal style and comfort. Be sure to select a dress that makes you feel confident and beautiful on your special day.

Wedding Dresses With Bows


Bow details on wedding dresses can add a touch of elegance, femininity, and charm to the overall bridal look. Whether they’re big and dramatic or small and delicate, bows can accentuate various parts of the dress, such as the waist, back, or neckline. Here are some types of wedding dresses with bow details.


Bow on the Back


Sareh Nouri


A large, dramatic bow on the back of the wedding dress can create a statement look. It’s a classic choice that adds a touch of romance and sophistication to your gown.


Waistline Bow


Sareh Nouri


A bow tied at the waist can accentuate your figure and add a subtle, delicate detail to your dress. This is a great option for brides looking to emphasise their waist


Shoulder Bows


Anne Barge


Bows on the shoulders or sleeves can create a unique and fashion-forward look. They can be incorporated into various dress styles, from ballgowns to sheath dresses


Bow Belt


Anne Barge


A bow belt or sash can be added to a wedding dress to give it a personalised touch and create a defined waistline. This is a versatile option that can work with various gown styles.


Bow at the Neckline


Sareh Nouri


Bows at the neckline, particularly in the form of a bowtie or a high neckline with a bow, can give your wedding dress a vintage or retro vibe.


Train Bow


Sareh Nouri


Consider adding a bow to the train of your gown for a dramatic effect when you walk down the aisle. It can be a beautiful focal point as you make your grand entrance.


Bow as Straps


Viktor Rolf


If you prefer a more unique and modern look, you can use bows as straps or to create intricate designs on the gown’s bodice or back.


Off-the-Shoulder Bow


Viktor Rolf


For an off-the-shoulder or cold-shoulder wedding dress, a bow detail on the arms can be a lovely addition, creating a balance between modern and classic.


Mini Bow Accents


Sareh Nouri


Incorporate small bow details throughout the dress, such as along the seams, to add a subtle, playful touch.

Remember that the size and style of the bow can vary, from delicate and understated to bold and statement-making. Your choice should reflect your personal style and the overall theme of your wedding. Additionally, consider the fabric, color, and texture of the bow to complement the rest of your bridal ensemble. Whether you want a classic, romantic look or a more contemporary and unique style, there’s a bridal gown with bow details to suit your taste.


Beaded bridal gowns are a popular choice for brides who want to make a dazzling statement on their special day. Beaded wedding dresses come in a variety of styles, from classic and timeless to modern and trendy. The beads and embellishments can add sparkle, texture, and intricate details to the gown, creating a stunning and eye-catching look. Here are some key points to consider when looking for a glamorous beaded wedding gown.





Beaded wedding gowns can be found in various styles, such as A-line, mermaid, ball gown, sheath, and more. Choose a style that complements your body shape and personal preferences.


Bead Type



Beads can be made from a variety of materials, including crystals, pearls, sequins, and glass beads. Consider the type of beads that best match your vision for the gown.





The neckline of your gown can dramatically impact the overall look. Common options include sweetheart, V-neck, strapless, and off-the-shoulder necklines. Choose one that flatters your face and upper body.


Back Design



Some beaded gowns have intricate beadwork on the back, while others may feature a more modest or open back. Your choice should align with your comfort level and style.





Most brides opt for traditional white or ivory gowns, but beaded wedding dresses can also come in various shades, such as blush, champagne, or even bolder colours if you want to make a unique statement.





The wedding gown’s silhouette is crucial, as it determines how the dress fits your body. You can choose from fitted, flowing, or voluminous silhouettes, depending on your taste and the formality of your wedding.


Train Length



Consider whether you want a gown with a short train, a cathedral-length train, or something in between. The length of the train can impact the overall look and the ease of movement.


Body Shape



Choose a wedding dress  that flatters your body shape. Beaded  bridal gowns can accentuate or minimise certain features, so keep this in mind during your dress selection.





Consider the type of accessories you want to wear with your beaded gown, such as a veil, tiara, earrings, or a sash. These can enhance the overall look.



Homa Bridal

Homa Bridal


A bridal veil is an important part of a bride’s overall wedding day look. w Here are some tips and ideas for styling a bridal veil:

1.Choose the Right Veil

 Before choosing your veil, make sure you have selected the right type of veil that matches your wedding dress and personal style. Common veil styles include Chapel, cathedral, fingertip, birdcage and mantilla, 

2.Coordinate with Your Dress

The veil should complement your wedding dress, not overpower it. For a simple dress, you can choose a more elaborate veil, while a detailed dress may call for a simpler veil.

3.Consider Your Hairstyle

 One of the important factors when choosing the veil is the type of hairstyle you will wear at your wedding. You have to be very clear on how you will wear your hair at your wedding. This will help you decide on choosing the right veil and your final look 

4.elaborated Veils 

Wedding veils embroidered with lace or embellished with rhinestones or flower applications are true works of art and can add a touch of elegance to your bridal look.

5.Veil Length

Longer veils, like cathedral or chapel length, create a dramatic effect, while shorter veils, like fingertip or shoulder length, offer a more casual or vintage look.

6.Trial Run

Before the wedding day, have a trial run with your hairstylist to ensure the veil is securely fastened, and you’re comfortable with how it looks. This will help avoid any last-minute mishaps.

7.Veil Removal

Plan how you want to remove the veil after the ceremony. Some brides choose to keep it on for the reception, while others prefer to remove it for ease of movement.

8.Hair Accessories

Consider adding hair accessories like combs, pins, or tiaras to secure the veil in place and add extra sparkle or detail to your hairstyle.

Remember that the most important thing is that you feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day, so choose a veil that makes you happy and complements your overall bridal look.


Catherine Deane


Mix and match bridal separates have revolutionised the world of wedding fashion, offering brides a fresh and personalised approach to their wedding day attire. Gone are the days when a single, traditional gown defined the bride’s look. With the advent of bridal separates, brides now have the creative freedom to curate their own unique ensemble that perfectly reflects their style, personality, and the overall theme of their wedding.



Bridal separates typically consist of two or more distinct pieces that can be combined to create a stunning bridal outfit. These pieces include tops, skirts, pants, jackets, capes, and even jumpsuits, all designed to be mixed and matched to achieve a variety of looks. This trend not only allows brides to showcase their individuality but also provides practical benefits such as versatility and the opportunity to re-wear these pieces for other special occasions.



One of the key advantages of opting for mix and match bridal separates is the versatility they offer. Brides can switch out different components to create multiple looks throughout their wedding day – from a more traditional gown for the ceremony to a chic and comfortable outfit for the reception. This adaptability also extends to the post-wedding life, as brides can reconfigure their separates for other events, ensuring that their investment in wedding attire continues to bring joy beyond the big day.



The mix and match trend also caters to a wide range of body types, allowing brides to find pieces that flatter their individual proportions. For instance, a bride who prefers a ball gown skirt can pair it with a fitted lace bodice for a princess-like look, while a bride who wants something modern and sleek can combine a tailored crop top with a flowing A-line skirt.


Another advantage of bridal separates is that they can be more budget-friendly compared to a traditional wedding gown. Instead of investing in a single high-priced gown, brides can allocate their budget to specific pieces that they truly love, ensuring that every element of their outfit aligns with their vision.



Ultimately, mix and match bridal separates empower brides to take control of their wedding day style, enabling them to break away from convention and embrace their uniqueness. This trend is a celebration of individuality, offering brides a canvas on which to paint their own love story through fashion. Whether the aim is to achieve a timeless and elegant look or to experiment with contemporary and bold choices, mix and match bridal separates are here to stay.



Different types of Wedding Dress Necklines

Your dream wedding gown is based on the style you like and what flatters your body. However the neckline plays a key role while choosing the perfect dress for your wedding. You will be surprised to find the variety of the necklines available to choose from.  We have selected the below wedding gowns To help you find out more about the different wedding dress necklines.



Call Me Fancy / SAREH NOURI

The sweetheart neckline accentuates de décolletage and is a great option for more bigger busted brides however for a more modest look you can choose a modified sweet heart neckline that falls a bit higher on the chest.


Straight Across

Crown Jewel / SAREH NOURI

The straight neckline is also a popular choice for busty brides. It accentuates de décolletage like sweet-heart neckline but provides  a little more coverage and security. 



Pretty Woman / SAREH NOURI

One of the most popular necklines which is suitable for most body types. V- neckline elongates the neck and visually makes the silhouette more balanced  and the waist narrower. This type of neckline has different depths so it suited both girls with small or bigger breasts.



Adeleine / Sareh Nouri

An asymmetric neckline is a great options for the bride who is looking for a more unconventional wedding dress. This style is more suitable for small busted brides or brides with narrower shoulders.




The off-shoulder neckline is one of the most classic and favorite necklines  among brides.It accentuates the collarbone and gives a more vintage and legal feel. This style of neckline suits most body types and looks especially flattering on brides with narrower shoulders.


High Neck


The high neckline provides most coverage by completely covering the shoulders and collarbones. This style of neckline is suitable for brides with narrower shoulders and longer necks. This timeless look is ultra elegant and is a great choice for a traditional church wedding. 


Halter Neck


Halter neckline is ideal for brides who want to want to make a statement by flattering their upper arms and shoulders. This style is best for broad- shouldered brides with taller figures. Halter neckline is one of the best options for informal and summer weddings.



Illusion Neckline


Halter neckline is ideal for brides who want to want to make a statement by flattering their upper arms and shoulders. This style is best for broad- shouldered brides with taller figures. Halter neckline is one of the best options for informal and summer weddings.


Boat Neckline 

Heaven on Earth

A boat neckline, often called a bateau neck, is a high neckline that runs across the collarbone and extends to the shoulders. This neckline is also featured in evening and cocktail dresses.


Square Neckline


The square neckline has a sharp structure and has a defined and structured shape and is often seen with wedding gowns that have wide straps or sleeves. This neckline can be cut wider to create a more modern and edgy look.


Scoop Neckline

Scoop or rounded neckline is usually has a simple and basic round cut that suites many different body shapes. The scoop neckline is more suitable for romantic brides with narrow shoulders and small bust. 


Ruffled Wedding Gowns

There is something unique and feminine about a ruffled wedding dress. Whether you are looking for a princess ball gown with layers of cascading tulle or you are drawn to a more modern midi dress with frilled hem, ruffles add drama and dimension to any wedding dress. Brides who are looking for an unexpected and statement-making wedding dress will adore a voluminous ball gown with glamorous ruffles, while more minimalistic brides care for sleek silhouettes with subtle and architectural ruffles.  From fairy tale wedding gowns full of tiers and ruffles to more romantic wedding dresses with delicate frills, we have gathered the best ruffled wedding dresses for different bridal looks.


Classy Ruffled Ball Gown 

Viktor&Rolf Marriage

Embrace the ruffle trend with this stunning Viktor & Rolf strapless gown with drop waist bodice and voluminous ruffled skirt.


Contemporary Ruffled Wedding Gown  

Viktor&Rolf Marriage

The asymmetric ruffle accented ruffles on this  Viktor & Rolf modern wedding gown has a contemporary and ethereal vibe that is sure to be an untraditional and trendy look for your wedding day. 


Soft And Subtle Ruffled Wedding Dress

Viktor&Rolf Marriage

The ruffle detailing on this off the shoulder  Viktor and Rolf silk wedding dress has turned it to a playful and feminine style that is effortlessly chic and sophisticated.


Bohemian inspired frilled wedding dress

Catherine Deane

This bohemian  Catherine Deane sheath gown features a captivating bodice and soft  and subtle skirt that creates a playful and effortlessly elegant look.


Feminine and romantic ruffled wedding dress

Viktor&Rolf Marriage

The soft layers of ruffles and feminine frills of this elegant Viktor&Rolf wedding dress create a more dreamy and romantic look.


Dramatic Ruffled wedding gown 

Viktor&Rolf Marriage

This striking ruffled high- low  Viktor & Rolf bridal gown features a high neck mini dress with glittering tulle ruffle accenting that cascades down the hem creating a dramatic ruffled train.


Mini Ruffles 

Viktor&Rolf Marriage

This sweet and playful  Viktor & Rolf ruffled mini dress is the perfect choice for a modern and contemporary look that allows you to party all night.

Different types of Wedding Dress Necklines

Your dream wedding gown is based on the style you like and what flatters your body. However the neckline plays a key role while choosing the perfect dress for your wedding. You will be surprised to find the variety of the necklines available to choose from.  We have selected the below wedding gowns To help you find out more about the different wedding dress necklines.



Call Me Fancy / SAREH NOURI


Straight Across

Crown Jewel / SAREH NOURI


Semi Sweetheart

paulette/ SAREH NOURI



Pretty Woman / SAREH NOURI



Adeleine / Sareh Nouri





High Neck



Halter neck



Halter Strap

Dance With Me / Anne Barge





Boat neckline

Heaven on Earth







Diferentes Types of Wedding Dress Train

The  bridal train is one of the most important elements of a wedding dress and plays a powerful role in transforming your bridal look. There are various train options available to choose from, which can suit different styles.


Sweep Train


Carolina Herrera Bridal Fall 2022

A Sweep train also known as a brush train does not necessarily reach the floor. Sweep trains are great for brides who want to add a subtle no-fuss accent to a wedding gown skirt. This style is ideal for outdoor, garden or beach weddings and looks fantastic with mermaid, bohemian and trumpet dresses. The laid back and casual style of this train is perfect for you are looking to wear something light and stress-free but still feel like a princess on your big day.



Carolina Herrera Bridal Fall 2022

A chapel train sits at around 1 to 1.5 meter long and is the most popular choice for brides because is suitable for most wedding venues.  Chapel trains are manageable but add a touch of drama while giving you details and character, without weighing you down too much.  Overall this style looks great for brides who want to add a touch of that princess look, both in formal wedding ceremonies and slightly more laidback parties, and can be perfectly paired with A-line or ball gowns.




Carolina Herrera Bridal

A detachable train can be a fantastic option to add versatility to your wedding gown, with multiple bridal styles. Detachable trains can be attached to the shoulder or the skirt of the dress and be made from the same fabric or a different one such as tulle or organza. They are easy to put on and create the stunning effect of a long train but are much easier to move around in. Detachable trains are also ideal for destination weddings as they are easier to transport and manoeuvre. 




Carolina Herrera Bridal Fall 2022

A cathedral train usually can extend up to 3 meters long or more and is the most majestic of all trains. Cathedral trains are the ideal choice for a bride who wants to create a dramatic impact and have all eyes on her. This style is perfect for formal black-tie weddings at grand venues and looks great with ball gowns and A-line dresses. This style of train will surely leave all of your guests in awe. Even though a cathedral train will be heavy and require more attention to look after, there is no doubt it will look absolutely breath-taking and you will be the star of the night.