Wedding Reception Ideas

Modern Love: Radiant blue hues with gleaming accents are sublimely minimalist


Sunny Delight: Bring the warmth of the Mediterranean to your party


Starry night: Put on the razzmatazz and throw a celebration that dazzles


Boho Bride: Make it a floral affair with a hint of bohemian rhapsody


Uptown Chic: Turn your fairy tale fantasy into reality


Love is Sweet …

Great ideas for your wedding reception:

A beautiful table of sweets is more sociable than a formal desert course. Display pretty cakes and treats on plates and in glass containers for guest to enjoy and take home as party favors.




Winter Weddings

While most couples dismiss the idea of celebrating their wedding in winter, autumn and winter weddings are just as delightful and romantic as spring or summer weddings. Although winter is associated with white, which is the classic colour scheme for all year round wedding, there are endless winter inspired colour palettes that can be used to make the wedding reception like a fairy tale.

Brides can embrace the cold weather with glamorous and luxurious long sleeve lace gowns or top their strapless gown with a fur coat or a cape.



Perfect Palettes for Summer Wedding

For as summer wedding, pick up a palette strong enough to stand up to nature’s bold hues. Red and aqua is one of our favorite pairings, at once sophisticated and alive. Start with a deep, orangey red for symbolizing love and passion and temper it with blue greens ranging in intensity from pale to brilliant. Though unconventional, this warm cool combination is surprisingly elegant.

Unique Bridal Bouquets

Orchid: Take full advantage of this exotic flower, using full branches of bold colours orchid flowers instead of  only white.


Tulips: Shimmering in color, the tulips draw a lot of attention. They can look great so much if they are all together or as if they are scatered.


Hydrangeas: These big yet delicate flowers are perfect for creating volume. They contrast with vibrant hyacinths for a colourful bouquet.


Roses: Roses are the all time traditional favorites. For something different, choose elegant and sculptural arrangements.