Wedding Dress Sleeves Styles

These are just a few of the current sleeve trends in bridal gowns, with each offering its own unique style and flair. Remember to choose a sleeve style that complements your overall bridal look and personal preferences.


Puff Sleeves

Viktor&Rolf Marriage

Romantic and whimsical, puff sleeves add volume and a feminine touch to the gown.


Illusion Sleeves

 Delicate, sheer sleeves with intricate lace or beading, creating an illusion of a tattoo-like design.


 Off-the-shoulder sleeves

Elegant and timeless, these sleeves showcase the shoulders while providing a modest and romantic look.


 Bell sleeves

 Flowing and bohemian-inspired, bell sleeves add a touch of free-spirited charm to the bridal gown.


 Bishop sleeves

 Loose, billowy sleeves that gather at the wrist, creating a soft and ethereal look.


 Cap sleeves

 Short and delicate sleeves that provide a subtle coverage while maintaining a classic and minimalist appeal.


 Statement Sleeves

Dramatic and bold, statement sleeves feature unique shapes, embellishments, or voluminous details, making a striking fashion statement.